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Welcome to our Imagine If…Stocking Blog Hop, if you’ve come from Lillian’s blog you’re in the right spot, and you can start at the beginning with Jo’s post at the Imagine If…Blog.

This week Jo at Imagine If… gave us a challenge: she sent us all a lovely burlap stocking each, and we were to do something creative with it.  Then she asked us to guess what we thought each person would do with their stockings.  The guesses for me were:

Jo: simple clear clean lines, stencils, red and green
Lillian: something that moves
Brenda: simplistic
Katrina: splendid, clean and traditional
Ngaere: stenciled, painted country chic
Carol: stenciled on Christmas patterns, may be 3D
Tash: we will all do something inspirational

This is what I ended up doing:

1412A Stocking 1


I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do on my stocking at first, then I had the idea of stenciling so I designed a couple of stencil for use on this project, but I think they’ll be very useful for many Christmases to come.

I started out by using the Joy and Peace Stencil and Distress Paints to cover the stocking with holly – I wasn’t too worried about the stenciling not being perfect as the look I was going for with this stocking is distressed and rustic.

1412A Stocking 3


Next I used the cutouts from the Merry Christmas Bauble Stencil, tracing around them onto Basic Grey Fruitcake fabric, cutting them out then distressing the edges.  I glued them on with gold strings.

1412A Stocking 2

Lastly I got a packet of gold bells, but they were too shiny for what I wanted, so I scuffed them up then added Rusting Powder, I love the finished look of these.

So how were the predictions? Well I did do stenciling (but they knew I had designed some stencils for this project!), it has traditional shapes, and red and green, but I don’t think the lines are very clean..

Next stop on the Stocking Blog Hop is Ngaere – check out she has done with her stocking and her unique style. Let me know what you think before you leave.

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