03 AugNot My Circus

We’re hopping again!  You can start at the beginning at the Imagine If Blog, and if you’ve come from Katrina’s blog then you’re in the right place.

I saw this saying recently: ‘Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys’, great way of putting it and something I need to remind myself!  And what better way than on a canvas with the Imagine If monkeys?


1407C Not My Circus 1


I wanted a distressed background with a big top, and decided the best way to achieve this was with an image transfer.  I prepped my canvas with a layer of gesso (like all canvases), and once dried I used a black and white image off a big top and multi medium gel to do the transfer.  It does take a bit of time to get all the paper off, and there are a couple of spots where the picture is also coming off, but that’s part of the look.

Once the image transfer was completed I painted my stripes on the edges, bringing the paint over the tattered edge of the image, making it look like the edge of fabric.

1407C Not My Circus 6

 While I was painting, I also painted the monkeys (three in a row), and the banners – both Imagine If chipboard.  I also painted a piece of cardstock in the same red.  Once this was dry I was able to print the words on it and cut them out, keeping the colour through the canvas cohesive, I used a circus-style font for this.

1407C Not My Circus 4

Once all the paint was dry and the letters cut out, I started to assemble the canvas.  I stuck the banners and monkeys on with popdots, giving a sense of height and movement.  The monkeys started out swinging from the banner (naughty monkeys that they are!).

1407C Not My Circus 2

Then the second set attached themselves to the first row.

1407C Not My Circus 3

I can’t even keep these monkeys under control, and they are my monkeys!

This is a fun saying, a fun canvas, and a great reminder.

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10 Responses to “Not My Circus”

  1. Brenda says:

    fabulous idea, it must be gorgeous in person, great idea doing the image transfer

  2. carol says:

    I love your canvas , and that is a fun technique you used. I think they look better when you lose a few little bits of image.

  3. Glennis says:

    That is so cool.

  4. tracey wynne says:

    i think this canvas is awesome

  5. Jo says:

    very cool, looks so fun.

  6. Tricia Collins says:

    A fun filled canvas here, lots of fun to be had!

  7. Marilyn says:

    Like it – it looks fun

  8. Debbie Groot says:

    Looks great! Well done

  9. debbie wyatt says:

    Love the colours and the fun aspect really awesome

  10. Teresa says:

    Cute ♥

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