A Record Book

For those of you who who follow me on Social Media you’ll have seen the photo of my new studio waiting to be unpacked! It has been a few months since I packed up most of my favourite supplies so my old studio looked larger when selling the house. So I only had limited supplies, I kept out my mini Distress Inks and remembered how versatile these inks actually are.

I got a stamp set for my Birthday and wanted to use it to make a little book. I found some old records for the covers and started from there.

I cut small circles to cover the stickers and larger circles for the pages. I decided to only use Abandoned Coral and Cracked Pistachio Distress Inks along with black ink.

I also had a 3 step butterfly punch left out, so I coloured the three pieces of card with the same ink and different amounts of water to get three different shades of pink.

The theme of this book is to remind me the good things that I am and that I want to be, so each page has a word on it.

Some of the pages I left the background white and some I coloured with the ink (so versatile!).

It was nice to work with limited supplies as there was less thinking about what and more about the creative how! My new studio will be unpacked shortly and I will have all my supplies back again (thankfully!) but I think remembering to occasionally work with a few things can be fun and creative.

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