Aged Lantern

Welcome back!  This week I had fun working on and aging the Imagine If… MDF Lantern.

1408B Aged Lantern 1

I started off (as usual) with a layer of gesso on the mdf, then I mixed my own paint colour – I was trying to get the old fashioned turquoise/green.  I painted the pieces separately, the turquoise on the outside and white on the inside.  While these were drying, I cut pieces of vellum to fit into the lantern spaces, and used my favourite Imagine If.. Spots stencil with Picket Fence Distress Paint on the inside of the vellum.  Once the pieces were dry, I glued the vellum inside each window, and the put the lantern together – but not gluing the base on, just sliding the pieces in.

My aim was to include a small electric tealight that could be switched on inside to light up the vellum lantern.

1408B Aged Lantern 7

I then got my Rusting Powder out, and added very small amounts of paint on the corners and sprinkled with rusting powder, then activated it with white vinegar.  I did this on the edges and corners, in the usual places rust starts.

1408B Aged Lantern 6

I then decided the lantern needed another colour – so I had a search through my Imagine If… chipboard stash and found these great words and lovely shapes.  I painted them all (gesso first!) with a peachy-orange paint, and then glued a word and shape to each side on the vellum.

1408B Aged Lantern 2

1408B Aged Lantern 3

1408B Aged Lantern 4

Finally, I had some pretty silk ribbon that was the same colour as the paint, so I threaded that through the top section, tying of with a bow, and put a piece around the top and bottom of the lantern to finish it off.

Unfortunately the photos with the tealight on haven’t come out well, so they will have to wait for another day.

If you want to see what the rest of the Imagine If… Design Team have been up to you, you can see all the links on the Imagine If Blog. And don’t forget to let me know what you think 🙂

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