Creative Chemistry 102 with Tim Holtz

Creative Chemistry with Tim Holtz is back for 102 this year.  We did 30 techniques in a week so it was pretty full on, but because 101 was a prerequisite we were able to launch straight into the techniques.


Day One was about Distress Paints, a new product in the last year.  We used them to create back grounds, on crackle paint, on non-porous surfaces like metal and plastic, and with stamps.  They are so versatile and because they are water-proof once dry, you can use them to make resists for the inks and stains.

01 Tags 1-3 (640x452)

02 Tags 4-6 (640x419)

Day Two was techniques using stencils (especially the Layering Stencils from Tim).  I’ve recently rediscovered stencils, and I love them.  With the paints and inks they look amazing; there are many other ways to use it stencils, using them for a soft embossing, embossing powder through them, stamping through them, printing with them using paints and inks, and the old tracing with markers.  So many new (and old) options!

03 Tags 7-9 (640x416)

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05 Tags 13-14 (640x616)

Day Three: Distress Differently. We were taught some different ways to use Distress products, including inks, stains, markers, crackle paint, and glitters.

06 Tags 15-17 (640x420)

07 Tags 18 & 20 (640x618)


On Day Four we learnt about Alcohol Inks, special because it will dry very quickly on non-porous surfaces  like metal, glass, tinsel and gloss cardstock.  We learnt about making a patina on metal by mixing inks, colouring tinsel, creating a faded effect, and using them with stencils.

08 Tags 21-23 (640x393)

09 Tags 24-25 (640x620)


The last day, Day Five, was about Embossing Effects.  I only managed to do a couple of these techniques: shabby chic using embossing powder and paint, and tarnished silver making use of different textures of embossing powder.  I now need some more supplies (ordered) to finish off the rust effect, the sticky embossing powder, and the chalkboard technique.

10 Tags 29-30 (640x598)


I put all the tags onto a ring for future reference.

00 Whole Tag Book (640x448)

Just like the previous class, it was well worth while.  Not only did I learn some new techniques, but my knowledge of what each product does and why it does or doesn’t work with another product, has been increased too.  Highly recommended.

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