Hello Gorgeous Book

There is a space on my dresser that I thought would be perfect for a little ‘positive affirmation’ album.  The Bella Rouge Collection from Pink Paislee was perfect for this – I love the colour combination of these papers.

I decided the right size for the book was 5″ x 7″, so I made the stand a 1/4″ larger than this out of chipboard which I covered with the reverse side of Diamond Paper which looks like whitewashed wood.

1501B Hello Gorgeous 01

I then cut 15 pages that were 5″ x 7″ and bound them all with my Zutter.  The Bella Rouge Paper is printed with two 6″ x 4″ cards and eight 3″ x 4″ cards, so I cut that up ready to mount on my pages.  I inked the edges of all pages and fussy cutting with Brilliance Starlite Black (black with a silver undertone – so pretty!).

For the cover page I used  the Rainbow Bright paper and one of the 6″ x 4″ cards – the one with ‘Hello Gorgeous’ on it, the perfect cover.  Once I’d mounted the card with foam tape I added some small rickrack, buttons with ribbon tied through them, and a frayed flower.

1501B Hello Gorgeous 02

The second page is made from Shine Paper, a 3″ x 4″ card (the reverse side)and fussy cut flowers from the Bloom Paper.  Once again I mounted things with foam tape, after securing a piece of web ribbon across the page.  The words come from the Imagine If… Dreams Quotes Sheet.

1501B Hello Gorgeous 03

For the third page I used the Heart Felt Paper and the second 6″ x 4″ card – the words on the corner didn’t quite fit in with what I wanted to do, so I covered them with frayed flowers, and I created the quote using one of my (many!) Dymos.

1501B Hello Gorgeous 04

Page four is made from Mirror Mirror Paper, with a strip of Gorgeous Paper layered on after ripping and inking the edges.  I added yellow rickrack and pink spotted ribbon with a bow and some silver bling.  The quote is from the Imagine If… Had Enough? Quote Sheet and mounted with foam tape once the edges had been ripped and inked.

1501B Hello Gorgeous 05

For the fifth page I used Gorgeous Paper with a 3″ x 4″ card and another quote from Imagine If… Dreams Quotes Sheet. I added some buttons with pink and yellow thread, and some black bling on the corners of the card which I mounted with foam tape.

1501B Hello Gorgeous 06

Page six is made with Pretty Bows Paper, a piece of grey ribbon and matching grey frayed rose.  For the quote I used the ‘beautiful’ 3″ x 4″ card and added some words around it with my script Dymo.  Once I’d mounted the card with foam tape I added some gold bling to complete the page.

1501B Hello Gorgeous 07

The spots on the Beautiful Paper were perfect to add lots of sparkle with this 3″ x 4″ card (again, mounted with foam tape), I certainly won’t be forgetting about sparkling!

1501B Hello Gorgeous 08

Bloom Paper was the base of the eighth page, then I added white rickrack and a piece of Heart Felt Paper as the mount for my Dymo made quote. A little bit of gold bling finished off that page.

1501B Hello Gorgeous 09

The Mirror Mirror Paper is very cool and has so much versatility.  I used a quote from the Imagine If… Had Enough? Quote Sheet which I stuck directly onto the page, then I cut out one of the frames from a left over piece of paper and foam mounted that over the quote and frame.  I cut two bows from the Pretty Bow Paper, then tied bows with pink and yellow thread into the buttons which the got placed into frames.

1501B Hello Gorgeous 10

On page 10 I used Pretty Paper with a 3″ x 4″ card that I mounted with foam tape then added fussy cut hearts from Heart Felt Paper.  The quote was made using my Dymo with the ‘up and down’ wheel, then mounted onto foam tape too.  A couple of hearts in the corner helped balance this page nicely.

1501B Hello Gorgeous 11

For the eleventh page 11 Heart Felt Paper as the base, then added a strip of Pretty Bows Paper with yellow rickrack covering the edges and a couple of yellow frayed flowers, along with the quote made with the script Dymo.

1501B Hello Gorgeous 12

The base of page 12 is Beautiful Paper, with a strip of web ribbon across the page and a 3” x 4” card foam mounted in the centre, the quote from Dreams is also mounted with foam. I then fussy cut some diamonds from Diamond Paper, and yes, more foam mount! Finally I added some sliver bling to complete the diamond look.

1501B Hello Gorgeous 13

One of the 3” x 4” cards had a frame hanging from a bow, so I fussy cut this out around the letters inside too. Then I cut some frames from Mirror Mirror Paper and attached pieces of ribbon and rickrack to the back of the frames to create the striped effect. I mounted all the frames with foam mount on the page made from Shine Paper.

1501B Hello Gorgeous 14

For page 14 I used a base of Pretty Bows Paper, mounted a strip of grey ribbon with yellow rickrack in the middle, then added the last 3” x 4” card with foam mount. The quote was made with my Dymo, and a couple of frayed flowers finished the page.

1501B Hello Gorgeous 15

On the base of page 15 I used Pretty Paper, and added a strip of Beautiful Paper and two pieces of white ribbon. I fussy cut some butterflies from the Beautiful Paper, and foam mounted them with the quote from the Imagine If… Wings and Things Quotes Sheet.

I’m really pleased with this book, and I’m sure it will give me lots of smiles and encouragement over the next while. Don’t forget to leave me a comment – which is your favourite page?

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