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This weekend just gone, I was helping out Lowri and PaperVine at the Dunkleys Great NZ Craft Show.  My main job was the Make’n’Take, using tags, washi tape, twine and embellishments, so I thought I would share my samples with you.

There are three sizes of tag stocked by PaperVine, #3, #4 and #8.  The #3 and #4 are a great size for putting onto gifts or cards; while the #8 tags are the size I usually use when creating my own tags.

1304 PaperVine Samples for Dunkleys 6This is collection of the small tags I created – could be put onto a gift, a card, or given as is.  We were given some stamps from Rubbadubbadoo to use on our Make’n’Takes (thanks Clinton and Tania!).

The tag on the left has two shabby roses, a piece of washi tape across the top, and twine through the top. The second tag has tape measure washi tape and scissor washi tape, and I stuck some washi tape on itself to create the paper ribbon. The third tag uses the airmail washi tape and airmail twine, with some sparklers.  Tag number four uses two different washi tapes, twine through the top, and some resin flowers.  Tag five also has washi tape, twine and resin flowers.  The last tag has a paper flower attached with washi tape, a washi tape ribbon, and three red sparklers.

1304 PaperVine Samples for Dunkleys 5

I also did a couple of masculine themed tags.  I used the card and the road washi tape – great for the men in my family – with sparkers and twine.  I love this moustache washi tape; add some sparklers and make a washi tape ribbon, perfect for the man in your life.

1304 PaperVine Samples for Dunkleys 4

These two tags are the medium sized tag.  The tag on the left has strips of washi tape on an angle (I thought this could be used in a larger form on a scrapbook layout), then three resin flowers and two colours of twine in the top.  The tag on the right is very simple with one strip of washi tape, resin flowers and bird, and twine through the hole.

1304 PaperVine Samples for Dunkleys 8

This is one of the large tags, with the wider washi tape, Vintage Bottle Caps.  I put a strip down the left side, then cut around some more to put over the edges on the other side, and added some sparklers and twine through the top.

1304 PaperVine Samples for Dunkleys 7

I also did some Christmas tags – never too early to start thinking about it!  All the tags have the ‘Merry Christmas’ washi tape and twine (the small one even has the Christmas twine).  Two have sparklers, and one has some of the beautiful shabby roses.

1304 PaperVine Samples for Dunkleys 3

Another little demo I had was the bottle caps and apoxy.  So simple, just punch out a one inch circle, add washi tape (or whatever other flat embellishment you like), stick into the bottle cap, stick the apoxy on top.  You can then use as a magnet or on your cards, or even on your scrapbook pages if you like lumpy bumpy!

1304 PaperVine Samples for Dunkleys 2

I just love the shabby roses, and as they are completely fabric I was able to sew them into brooch with a piece of felt and a safety pin on the back, and a charm attached to the corner – so pretty.

1304 PaperVine Samples for Dunkleys 9

The last thing I had a play with was the Wooden Spools.  These are very sweet and useful for so many things.  For these two, I wrapped twine around them, tucking the ends in, and then added a resin flower (left) and two paper flowers (right).  I thought they looked so cute!

All the items I’ve used here are available from the PaperVine Shop, and please feel free to ask any questions.

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